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Before you begin your driving lessons, all students should be aware of the following:
Your Provisional Licence:
By law, you must be 17 years or older before you are entitled to drive a car on a public road. You may apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday, but you must not drive until the day of your birthday and only after you have received your driving licence. (Note: If you are disabled and receiving mobility allowance, the minimum age is 16) A Provisional Licence is currently £34.00 if applied for online at GOV.UK or £43.00 by post.
The Theory Test:
The theory test consists of 2 parts. Part 1 consists of 50 multiple choice questions and Part 2 consists of 14 hazard perception clips. There is also one case study question. I will help you to prepare for your test and give advice accordingly. The Theory Test costs £23.00
The Practical Test:
The driving test itself, will last approximately 38 to 40 minutes. It starts with an eyesight test and 2 questions on vehicle safety. This is followed by a road drive in which you need to demonstrate that you can drive competently and safely on different types of road and in different driving conditions. The test will include an hill start, an angle start and either a bay park, reverse park, turn in the road or left reverse exercise.  It may include an emergency stop. You will be continually assessed by the driving examiner during the test. The Driving Test is currently £62.00 on weekdays and £75 for Saturdays.
The DSA tests require a high standard of driving and a sound knowledge of the Highway Code, which you will need to show the examiner during your test. 
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The Training Courses I provide:       L Test
Standard Course: 
The standards course can run at one or two lessons per week. The minimum lesson time is one hour but lessons can be extended to one and a half or two hours duration time.
Semi-Intensive Course: 
A semi-intensive course will be planned to suit the driver’s individual needs. Subject to availability.
Refresher Course: 
A refresher course can be carried out in my car or yours. The duration of a refresher course will depend on the current driving standards and requirements of the student.
Motorway Lessons: 
Motorway lessons can be done on their own, or as part of the Pass Plus course.
Pass Plus Course: 
Further training can be given to newly qualified drivers, to improve existing skills and road knowledge.   This course is a minimum of six hours driving time.
Automatic Lessons: 
I can provide training in your own car if automatic lessons are required.  You must provide the car and insure it is insured and road taxed for tuition.
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